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This product has been discontinued. The information on this page is for reference only, and no new orders will be accepted.

Complete surface-mount development kits. (Click for larger picture).


Everything you need to prototype surface-mount devices:

  • Surface mount adapters for QFP, PLCC, SO and SSO devices
  • Reusable motherboard with ground plane and power busses
  • Voltage regulator SIP module, DC power jack, I/O connectors, and more
  • DC to 3 GHz operation


  • Prototype A/D converters, DACs, and DSPs up to 64 pins
  • Prototype GHz linear, logic, RF and microwave devices
  • Build one-of-a-kind custom instruments
  • Device test and evaluation fixtures
  • Test and compare multiple devices 
  • Rapid demo development kit 

Product Description:

The PRL Surface-Mount Development Kits (SMDK) provide total solutions for rapid evaluation and prototyping with surface mount (SMT) devices.

Each kit contains patented SMT adapters, a prototyping motherboard, voltage regulator SIP module, I/O connectors, and various accessories for your prototyping application. Additional items can be added to suit your requirements.

The modular design of the adapters and the reusable motherboards make these kits an affordable and far more flexible alternative to manufacturer-supplied evaluation boards.

Patented features enable you to maintain a 50 Ω matched-impedance environment throughout your project, even as you swap out adapters, connections, and components. Applications in these kits have been operated at up to 3 GHz. It is not possible to obtain this level of performance using socket-type adapters such as those used for emulators or programmers, or with generic breadboards.

Choose one of four kits based on your device, then click on the model number to see the list of included parts:

Product Selection Guide: 

Model Description
SSODK1 SO/SSO Development Kit--includes 5 SO/SSO adapters, plus motherboard, BNC's(2) and accessories.
PLCCDK1 PLCC Development Kit--includes 1 adapter for PLCC20, PLCC28 or QFP-32-x, plus 4 SO/SSO adapters, motherboard, SMA's and accessories
QFPDK1 QFP Development Kit--includes 1 large QFP adapter, one QFP-32-0.5 adapter, 2 LCC/PLCC adapters, and 13 assorted SO/SSO adapters, plus motherboard, BNC's(2), and accessories
QFPDK2 QFP Deluxe Development Kit--Includes 2 large QFP adapters, one QFP-32-0.5 adapter, 2 LCC/PLCC adapters, and 21 assorted SO/SSO adapters, plus a 25-pin D connector, 40-pin header, BNC's(2), 4 quick-connect coax modules, motherboard, enclosure, and accessories

These complete kits are offered at a discount to provide you with a simple way to order everything you need to start developing.

Motherboards have sites for additional adapters, and any QFP or PLCC/LCC adapter site will also accept an SO/SSO adapter. Please click each motherboard link to see the total adapter site count.

Also see the adapters page for additional details on the patented features that enable these kits to perform from DC to 3 GHz.

Suggested Additional Items:

Item Description
PRL-760B AC/DC adapter w/modular plug ±8.5 V, +17 V/1.4 A 
970-3.8EX Extruded aluminum enclosure for SO/SSO and PLCC development kits (open-ended box)
970-3.8EXU Extruded aluminum fixture for SO/SSO and PLCC development kits (U-shaped cross-section)
980-8EX Extruded aluminum fixture for QFP development kits (one U-shaped cross-section; can be used in matched pairs to fully enclose top and bottom)
131003-A End-launch SMA connector for all SMDK models, 1 pc.(2)
131006-A BNC connectors for all SMDK models except PLCCDK1; 4 pcs.
72500001-2 SMA finger wrench, Rev. 1

Please see our Accessories page and Basic Laboratory Tools page for other complementary items, such as:

and more. Multiple kits and modules can be mounted and powered together via our mounting brackets, mounting plates, and voltage distribution modules.

(1) Includes fifty zero Ω jumpers, twenty-five 49.9 Ω resistors, and 100 0.1 µf capacitors, all 0805 size.
(2) The SO/SSO and QFP development kit motherboards have a special I/O connector footprints that accept either BNC or SMA connectors. Kits are supplied with BNC's, and SMA connectors can be ordered separately.
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