PRL Accessories

The following time-saving accessories are recommended for use with our MMIs, Prototyping Kits, Gigadapters and Gigadapter Motherboards:

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 SMA Wrench

These handy little finger wrenches are essential for tightening and loosening SMA cables, especially in tight spaces. Buy a whole bag for the lab! Order #72500015-2.

$12.75 or less, depending on quantity.

Coupling & Termination modules

Coupling capacitors (DC blocks), feed-thru decoupling caps, AC-coupled terminations, DC-coupled terminations, AC-coupled attenuators, AC-blocks, and more



Modular DC power cables, SMA signal cables, and BNC signal cables


AC/DC Adapter :

Although any lab supply can do the job, the PRL-760C adapters can be used for most applications, and they plug directly into the modular jack provided on each module motherboard. Voltage cables are included, and no trouble-shooting is required.


Mounting Brackets

These handy brackets are great for grouping modules together. A pair of brackets mounts two modules of equal length (as shown in photo to left).

 $9.50 ea.

Voltage Distribution Modules

Single or triple voltage modules with modular jacks and binding posts. Four to choose from.


These functional modules enable direct connections between ECL and PECL signals and ground-referenced 50 Ω input measurement instruments, such as sampling scopes and counters, etc. An AC/DC adapter is included with each terminator module.

See page for each model.

Ready-to-use TTL, ECL, and PECL crystal clock sources, available with a variety of common frequencies. 

See page for each model.


These are the same enclosures found on all of our products. Available in a variety of sizes, accommodating several standard PCB sizes to horizontal or vertical orientations.

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