38999 Integration Components


  • Rapid system prototyping 
  • Custom systems or one-of-a-kind systems
  • Multi-channel logic level translation
  • Multi-channel routing and multiplexing


  • Rapid system assembly with no engineering required
  • Pre-crimped cables ready for insertion into D38999 housings
  • Single-ended or differential cabling solutions


Need to rapidly build a multi-channel signal distribution, translation, or switching system using Pulse Research Lab modules and D38999-style connectors? PRL offers components to make this easy, including:

Receptacle endplates that install into our PRL-MRK-3-1 rack-mount kit or in the 38003105-1 rack-mount panel:

Compatible plugs for building your own coax breakout cables:

Populate with our pre-crimped coax cables that adapt SMA-M plugs to 38999 sockets or pins. Insertion of the crimped contacts into the connector housings is simple, and a plastic insertion/removal tool is included. This video from Amphenol demonstrates the process:
which is the same for any standards-compliant D38999-style connector. We have found that lubricating the contacts by dipping them in alcohol makes insertion easier, and in some cases even obviates the need for the insertion tool. The alcohol is non-damaging to either the contact or the housing, and evaporates quickly. 


Finish with a strain relief.

The 20FC35SN Receptacle and 26FC35PN Plug are offered first, and additional models will be added later.


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