38999 Integration Components


  • Rapid system prototyping 
  • Custom systems or one-of-a-kind systems
  • Multi-channel logic level translation
  • Multi-channel routing and multiplexing


  • Rapid system assembly with no engineering required
  • Pre-crimped cables ready for insertion into D38999 housings
  • Single-ended or differential cabling solutions


Need to rapidly build a multi-channel signal distribution, translation, or switching system using Pulse Research Lab modules and D38999-style connectors? PRL offers components to make this easy, including:

Receptacle endplates that install into our PRL-MRK-3-1 rack-mount kit or in the 38003105-1 rack-mount panel:

Compatible plugs for building your own coax breakout cables:

Populate with our pre-crimped coax cables that adapt SMA-M plugs to 38999 sockets or pins,


and finish with a strain relief.

The 20FC35SN Receptacle and 26FC35PN Plug are offered first, and additional models will be added later.


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