ECL/PECL Terminators


  • Replacement for discontinued HP/Agilent/Keysight 10086A ECL Terminator
  • Proper termination of ECL, PECL and LVPECL signals
  • Level translation/attenuation for connection of ECL, PECL, and LVPECL instruments to ground-referenced, 50 Ω instruments
  • Monitoring optical transceiver outputs with ECL, PECL or LVPECL logic levels

Stand alone dual channel and four channel ECL, PECL and LVPECL Terminator modules from Pulse Research Lab can operate from DC to 8 GHz.  These Terminators properly terminate signals and enable direct connections of ECL, PECL and LVPECL signals to 50 Ω-input instruments.

For applications that do not require preservation of DC levels, we also have several solutions for mixed logic interconnections and for ECL/PECL terminations:

  • Coupling Capacitor/DC Blocks
  • AC-Coupled Terminations