PRL-MRK-3-1, Modular Rackmount Kit for MMIs

PRL-MRK-3-1, 3U Rackmount Kit

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  • Rapid system prototyping 
  • Custom systems or one-of-a-kind systems
  • Multi-channel logic level translation
  • Multi-channel routing and multiplexing
  • Signal distribution/fanout
  • Multi-channel pickoff/monitoring
  • Mixed function/mixed signal/mixed logic systems


  • Rapid system assembly with no engineering required
  • Includes slide rail set (MRK-3-1)
  • Up 18 positions for mounting PRL modules
  • Optional mid-panel with 13 additional positions and 2 cable pass-throughs. Bracket grid for additional positions
  • Internal Power Supply with Internal Modular Supply Jacks for PRL modules
  • Power switch and front panel power indicator
  • 0.089” thick ventilated aluminum chassis
  • Standard 19” rackmount, 1U or 3U height


The PRL modular rackmount kits enable rapid assembly of custom systems from an assortment of PRL Mini Modular Instruments (MMIs). Multiple MMIs may be mounted, powered, and cabled together in minutes, providing a rugged, reliable solution for creating one-of-a-kind systems, prototype systems, lab systems, etc.

PRL-MRK-3-1 is 3U (5.75") in height and 21" deep (from rack face), while PRL-MRK-1-2 is 1U high and 12" deep.

The chassis front and rear panels have cutouts for mounting any MMI with a 1.3” x 2.9” cross-section (PRL-970 series). To mount a module, remove the 4 screws from one endplate, place the MMI inside the rackmount kit, and then secure it to the panel with the endplate screws. Up to 31 modules and/or adapter plates may be mounted in the 3U kit (with the optional mid-panel) subject to power requirements.

Modules may also be mounted on a defined grid inside the chassis using our standard mounting brackets (PN 35001420), or anywhere inside the chassis via 3M Dual-lock™ fastener strips. Use one coarse and one fine strip for removable/reconfigurable mounting or two fine strips for virtually permanent installation.

If a module is mounted with its DC input jack on the outside of the chassis, a PRL-730 voltage distribution module may be mounted to the panel to route power to the outside of the chassis for up to 4 modules.

To route signals from inside the chassis to the outside, a bulkhead adapter plate may be used for signal pass-through. Adapter modules may be used to convert connector types, such as Triax to/from dual SMA, or SMA to/from RJ-45.

We offer the design of the "blank" endplate to be used as a template for creating your own endplates that are compatible with the MRK.

Modules with remote-control, such as the PRL-854-RM series of switches, can be programmed via TTL control pins or over USB via the PRL-USBIO-1 controller module. A TCP/IP controller module (PRL-EthIO-1) is coming soon.

Installed in each kit is a ±8.5 V internal power supply with DC supply jacks, compatible with nearly all 970-series MMIs (see details, here). The AC input is 120/220 VAC switchable and fused, with an external grounding post.

PRL-MRK-3-1, Front View (modules not included)

PRL-MP-3-1, Optional Mid-Panel (modules not included)

PRL-MRK-3-1, Rear View (modules not included)

PRL-MRK-3-1, Bottom Pan Mounting Sites (PDF version) for use with PRL 35001420 Mounting Brackets

We have highlighted one application for the PRL-MRK-3-1 kit as a test multiplexer for high speed and low-noise switching applications:

  Mounting positions, front   12      
  Mounting positions, rear   6      
  Mounting positions, mid panel   13      
  Mounting positions, base plate   8      
  Cable pass-through positions, mid panel   2      
  Internal DC supply jacks   10      
VAC1 AC Input Voltage 103 115 127 VAC Switched to 120 V
VAC2 AC Input Voltage 206 230 254 VAC Switched to 220 V
VDC1 DC Output Voltage, positive supply +8.5   +12.5 VDC  
VDC2 DC Output Voltage, negative supply -12.5   -8.5 VDC  
IDC1 DC Output Current, positive supply 2.4     A  
IDC2 DC Output Current, negative supply -2.4     A  
  Size 5.25H x 19.0W x 21.0D in Depth from rack face
  Weight 15 lb Excluding modules

Mounting positions on the front, rear, and mid panel support any PRL module with dimensions of 1.3W x 2.9H and any length.

Bottom panel grid positions for PRL 35001420 mounting brackets support PRL modules with dimensions of 1.3W x 2.9H and lengths of 2.90", 3.90", 6.10", and 8.10".

PRL modules of other sizes are not supported directly, although PRL mounting brackets can be used with any PRL modules if appropriate holes are drilled in the base plate.

Please contact if you have questions about your application.

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