PRL-MRK-3-1, Modular Rackmount Kit for MMIs

PRL-MRK-3-1, 3U Rackmount Kit

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  • Rapid system prototyping
  • Custom systems or one-of-a-kind systems
  • Multi-channel logic level translation
  • Multi-channel routing and multiplexing
  • Signal distribution/fanout
  • Multi-channel pickoff/monitoring
  • Mixed function/mixed signal/mixed logic systems


  • Rapid system assembly with no engineering required
  • Includes slide rail set
  • 18 positions for mounting PRL modules
  • Optional mid-panel with 13 additional positions and 2 cable pass-throughs. Bracket grid for additional positions
  • Switchable 120/220V power with 10 internal DC jacks
  • Rear-panel power switch and front panel power indicator
  • 0.089” thick ventilated aluminum chassis
  • Standard 19” rackmount, 3U height (5.75”), 21” depth


The PRL-MRK-3-1 modular rackmount kit enables rapid assembly of custom systems from an assortment of PRL Mini Modular Instruments (MMIs). Multiple MMIs may be mounted, powered, and cabled together in minutes, providing a rugged, reliable solution for creating one-of-a-kind systems, prototype systems, lab systems, etc.

The chassis front and rear panels have cutouts for mounting any MMI with a 1.3” x 2.9” cross-section (PRL 970 series). To mount a module, remove the 4 screws from one endplate, place the MMI inside the rackmount kit, and then secure it to the panel with the endplate screws. Up to 31 modules and/or adapter plates may be mounted in the kit (with the optional mid-panel) subject to power requirements.

Modules may also be mounted on a defined grid inside the chassis using our standard mounting brackets (PN 35001420), or anywhere inside the chassis via 3M Dual-lock™ fastener strips. Use one coarse and one fine strip for removable/reconfigurable mounting or two fine strips for virtually permanent installation.

If a module is mounted with its DC input jack on the outside of the chassis, a PRL-730 voltage distribution module may be mounted to the panel to route power to the outside of the chassis for up to 4 modules.

To route signals from inside the chassis to the outside, a bulkhead adapter plate may be used for signal pass-through. Adapter modules may be used to convert connector types, such as Triax to/from dual SMA, or SMA to/from RJ-45.

Modules with remote-control, such as the PRL-854-RM series of switches, can be programmed via TTL control pins or over USB via the PRL-USBIO-1 controller module. A TCP/IP controller module (PRL-EthIO-1) is coming soon.

Installed in each kit is a ±8.5 V, ±2.2 Amp internal power supply with 10 DC supply jacks, compatible with nearly all 970-series MMIs (see details, here). The AC input is 120/220 VAC switchable and fused, with an external grounding post. .

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