• Mount most PRL Mini Modular Instruments or Custom Circuit Kits.


Any supported module can be mounted on a flat surface using a pair of the 35001420 mounting brackets.  In fact, one pair of brackets can accommodate any two modules of the same length, as shown in the photo above.

For 2.9" x 1.3" modules, one pair of brackets can accommodate one unit mounted on the 2.9-in. side or two units on the 1.3-in. side as shown in the drawing below.

For the 1.3" x 1.0" modules, the unit can only be mounted on the 1.3-in. side.

See below for a list of all supported modules and sizes.

To mount a module, loosen the two bottom screws from the front and rear end plates in the module and then inserting the module into the forks in the two brackets.  Tighten the screws to the end plates to hold the module in place. 

Click on the diagram below to view a larger version or view PDF.

Bracket Types by Module Series:

  • All PRL Mini Modular Instruments with model numbers containing 3 numbers, e.g. PRL-414B, PRL-425T, etc. can be mounted using the 35001420 brackets.
  • Standalone products with model numbers containing 4 numbers, e.g. PRL-4220, PRL-4108UR-TR, etc., can be mounted using a combination of the "PRL-985 Series" brackets, listed below.

Each configuration shown above requires one pair.

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