What's New

New and Updated Products!

  • PRL-424LV--1:4 LVDS Fanout Buffer and Line Driver
  • PRL-434LP--1:4 Differential LVPECL Fanout Buffer and Line Driver.
  • PRL-434A--1:4 Differential NECL Fanout Buffer and Line Driver, 3.5 GHz.
  • PRL-177A--TTL Square Wave, 2 Phase VCO Clock Source, 200 MHz.
  • PRL-260BNT--2-Phase Programmable NECL/TTL Frequency Divider, f/2 - f/4096, fmax > 1 GHz.
  • PRL-444--4 Ch. Line Driver with High Input Impedance, 70 MHz. 
  • PRL-854--1 x 4 Signal Router/Switch with 2.5 GHz Bandwidth.
  • PRL-230--4 Decade TTL/CMOS frequency divider with f/10, f/100, f/1k, and f/10k outputs. 
  • PRL-470B--Variable output pulse driver (-5/+10 V, 12 V ampl. into 1 MΩ), updated with faster tr/tf (<1 ns) and higher fMAX of 300 MHz.
  • Coupling & Termination Modules--Compact, affordable in-line modules provide coupling, decoupling, termination, and attenuation up to 8 GHz for NECL, PECL, LVPECL, and RF signals.