About Us

Pulse Research Lab is an independent lab established in 1990 by David Kan. Its main goal is to provide high performance yet affordable Mini Modular Instruments and prototyping tools to professional electrical engineers, physicists and technicians for design, testing, and prototyping. With this goal in mind, PRL's product development adheres to a few key guiding principles:

  • Focused Functionality:
    With corporations becoming more cost conscious, engineers and physicists are authorized to pay for only what they need. PRL's product line consists of mainly single-function, instrument-like Mini Modular Instruments, each performing an instrument-like function but at the cost of a component. Thus, PRL can offer a self-contained, Dual Channel 3 GHz Frequency Divider module for $800, a 1 GHz, 1:4 ECL Fanout Buffer for  $1,000, a dual channel, 300 MHz NECL to TTL Level Translator for  $715, etc. PRL is about cost efficiency and high performance laboratory tools.
  • High Performance:
    Electronic design will continue to demand going faster and cheaper with less power and less noise. PRL's expertise has been just that since the inception of Pulse Instruments Co. (our parent company) over 20 years ago. Our Custom Circuit Kits have plated-through holes and ground planes on the component side for reliable, low impedance connections, 50 Ω microstrip transmission lines for impedance matching, extruded aluminum enclosures for shielding and model-specific end plates. These custom circuit kits have been used successfully for producing circuits with sub-nanosecond rise times. Many of our MMI's can be clocked in the GHz range and have output rise times less than 120 ps. PRL is about high speed.
  • Convenience:
    PRL’s products are designed to enhance your ability to do creative brain work. Many of our MMI's ship from stock, and others typically ship in two weeks or less. We can also engineer semi-custom systems for far less than typical aerospace engineering rates, and can deliver them in just a few weeks.
  • Innovation:
    Our customers tell us, "That's the best idea I've heard in twenty years." We listen to our customers and provide solutions. PRL is about solving problems.

Here at PRL, we continue to search for new and exciting ways to make your time more productive. Please stop by often, as we will have new products coming out frequently. We hope to become your favorite source for solutions, so please help us by providing feedback. Some of our best products have come from ideas submitted by customers. If you have a problem, it's likely that lots of other engineers have a similar problem. We can help.

We are registered as ISO 9001:2015 Certificate No. C2022-02648-s and you can view our quality policy, here. The full Quality Manual is available to qualified buyers upon request. 

Suppliers may view our Supplier Quality Clauses, here.