Long Line Drivers

Drive 50 Ω Loads Over 200' of Cable


  • Receiving differential signals
  • Differential/single-ended signal translation
  • 1 PPS/IRIG-B Line Driver
  • Driving long lines
  • Driving 50 Ω loads
  • Signal fanout and buffering
  • Signal distribution in noisy environments


  • TTL models run up to 300 MHz
  • Drive 100' of RG58C/U at >85 MHz
  • ECL/PECL/LVPECL models run up to 3+ GHz
  • Drive 100' of RG58C/U at >1 GHz
  • Drive 200' of RG58C/U at >300 MHz
  • ECL/PECL/LVPECL models also drive AC-coupled 50 Ω loads
  • Ready-to-Use modules includes a AC/DC Adapter


Pulse Research Lab offers many stand alone, hi-speed transmission-line driver modules for driving ECL, PECL, RS-422 and TTL/CMOS logic. They can drive long cables in excess of 100 ft. In addition to the models listed here, all of our clock sources, comparators, frequency dividers, and level translators share the same output circuitry, and can drive long lines as well.