GPS System Integration

1 PPS distribution and conversion, plus IRIG-B, and 10 MHz distribution/conversion for GPS, LORAN-C, and emerging positioning standards. Fast rise-times and low skew for precise timing throughout your installation.

Satellite Ground Stations

Convert to/from NECL, CML, RS-422, and 124 Ω ECL for system integration, legacy equipment support, and system test. Distribute multiple copies of NECL and RS-422 data streams to multiple ingest systems, test systems, or receivers at your ground station. RF splitters and amplifiers, too.

Laser Synchronization

Synchronize 80 MHz Ti:S oscillators to amplifiers, flash lamps, Pockels cells, Q-switches, and particle accelerators with sub-ns jitter. Binary and non-binary division ratios from f/2 to f/billions.

Avionics and Telemetry

Convert single-ended signals to differential 50 Ω signals for transmission through noisy environments, over long transmission lines, or between different ground domains.

Physics and Chemistry

Distribute accelerator or reference clock signals to multiple experiments for perfect synchronization. Divide reference clocks down to useful frequencies with low jitter.

Electronics Labs

Explore our entire line of signal buffering and translation tools for digital design, integration, and test. Choose benchtop mini-modular instruments or integrate into custom rack-mount assemblies.