Semi-Custom Systems

PRL Systems

20 Channel TTL-ECL Logic Level Translator

PRL-420ND-S20 (Rear View)


  • Large systems integration
  • Test and calibration stations
  • Permanent installations
  • Applications requiring many channels
  • Custom applications


  • Custom integration for your application
  • Mix-and-match among many available modules
  • Rack-mountable, shielded enclosures
  • User-specified front and/or rear I/O's


For custom applications, Pulse Research Labs can integrate multiple Mini Modular Instruments into rack-mountable systems.

For example, the unit pictured above is the equivalent of ten PRL-420ND modules, providing a total of 20 input channels and 20 differential output channels in one convenient unit.

Rack-mount systems can be configured with multiples of the same module, or with combinations of modules to create a custom application. For example, five PRL-414B fanout modules can be cascaded to create a 1:16 fanout. Or, combine one PRL-171 TTL Clock Source with four PRL-414B modules to produce a 16-channel TTL clock source.

Most systems can be configured with front and/or rear I/O's. Custom applications typically require NRE and lot charges. Please see our list of available models to see if your application has already been addressed or contact our sales department for a quotation.

For one-of-a-kind systems and system prototyping, PRL offers a modular rackmount kit.

Available Models

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