Coupling and Termination Modules


  • AC coupling between signals
  • Waveform Clipping
  • RF Signal Isolation
  • RF I/O Port Decoupling
  • Precision 50 Ω Termination
  • RF Signal Detection
  • DC Restoration


  • DC Blocks with 0.1, 2.2 or 300 µf
  • RF Chokes with 1 µh or 10 µh
  • Series- or Shunt-connected Diodes
  • Series-Connected Resistors from 50 Ω to 1 MΩ
  • 0.5% 50 Ω Feedthru Terminations
  • Dual AC- or DC-coupled 50 Ω Terminations
  • SMA Male/Female I/O Connectors for inline use with no cabling required
  • 0.44" W x 0.37" H x 1.5" L Modules


The PRL Series of Coupling and Termination Modules are two-terminal devices containing components which are series-connected, shunt-connected, or combination of both. They are intended for use in general purpose lab and production test environments.

For example, in a given test setup one may need to insert a DC Block, a 50 Ω Termination, a Feed-through Decoupling Capacitor, an RF Choke, a Series Diode, etc. in order to accommodate a change in the test requirement.

As of this date, the following modules are available, and more are being developed:

Series-Connected Shunt-Connected Series and Shunt-connected
Series Capacitor Feed-thru Shunt Capacitor AC-Coupled 50 Ω Termination
Series Inductor Feed-thru Shunt Resistor
Series Schottky Diode Feed-thru Shunt Schottky Diode
Series Resistor


As of February 2011, PRL has discontinued the ready-to-use attenuator series, due to low demand. We will honor and support all outstanding quotations and orders, but we will not be offering new items for sale in quantities of less than 100. For volume orders, please contact . To build your own attenuator, please see our Signal Conditioning Kits and our Custom Attenuators application note.

If you don't see what you need, you can use our kits to build your own. Custom configurations containing combinations of different components may be available on special order.

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