RF Power Dividers & Active Splitters


  • RF Signal Fanout
  • Precision 10 MHz reference distribution
  • Transmission Line Drivers
  • Single-Ended to Differential Signal Conversion
  • RF Receivers
  • Pulse Amplifiers
  • General Purpose Wideband Amplifiers


  • Ready to Use Modules
  • High Bandwidth
  • Clean Pulse Response
  • DC Coupled 50 Ω I/Os
  • Active Modules include ±8.5V AC/DC adapter  


PRL offers two families of products for splitting RF signals:

Power Dividers/RF Splitters

Power Dividers are passive modules that split RF signals with loss.

Splitter Amplifiers

Splitter Amplifiers are powered units with gain.

Units are housed in an extruded aluminum enclosure with BNC or SMA connectors, and powered units are supplied with a +8.5 V AC/DC adapter.

Product Selection Guide:

* Maximum bandwidth is for SMA versions only. See specifications for BNC models' performance.