PRL-730 and PRL-735

PRL Voltage Distribution modules allow you to fan out power from a single AC/DC Adapter or from an external power supply to multiple PRL modules. 

Models with binding posts allow you to connect to a laboratory or bench-top power supply instead of an AC/DC adapter. DC jacks and cables are rated for up to 1.4 A per rail.

Please note that voltage distribution modules do not include cables. Please add the appropriate number of cables for your application. In most applications the bundled AC/DC adapter from one PRL MMI will power the distribution module, and one cable will be required for each MMI. Please see our PRL Power Solutions Guide for additional notes on powering our modules, including sample wiring diagrams.

Model Size Description
PRL-730 1.3" x 
2.9" x
Triple voltage distribution module with eight modular I/O jacks--This module distributes triple voltage outputs from a power supply or triple-voltage outputs from PRL-760B or PRL-760C AC adapter to seven modular jack outputs.
PRL-735 Triple voltage distribution module with four modular I/O jacks and four binding posts--This unit allows easy fan out from power supplies with triple-voltage binding post inputs to four modular jack outputs.

Four PRL modules powered from a single AC/DC adapter via the PRL-730.


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