AC/DC Adapters

The PRL-760E-120/220 is the same adapter included by default with each of our Mini Modular Instruments, and may be used as a replacement or supplemental supply.

The PRL-760E-120/220 has four output cables and may be used to power multiple units subject to total current requirements. It may also be used with our Voltage Distribution Modules for powering additional MMIs.

The detachable AC plug on the PRL-760E-120/220 units are U.S.-style, unpolarized. Plug converters are available for Asian, European, Australian, UK, and U.S./Japan non-polarized sockets. Please note that the Australian 2-prong and UK 3-prong plugs are also commonly used in China.

A datasheet is available here, and mechanical drawings are available, here:

  • PRL-760B (Discontinued, and for reference only)
  • PRL-760C  (Discontinued, and for reference only)
  • PRL-760D (Discontinued, and for reference only)
  • PRL-760E (coming soon)

Mounting instructions are available here.

Modular jack pinouts are available as are the equivalent wire pinouts.

Please see our PRL Power Solutions Guide for additional notes on powering our modules.

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