PRL-MRK-3-1 Specifications

  Mounting positions, front   12      
  Mounting positions, rear   6      
  Mounting positions, mid panel   13      
  Mounting positions, base plate   8      
  Cable pass-through positions, mid panel   2      
  Internal DC supply jacks   10      
VAC1 AC Input Voltage 103 115 127 VAC Switched to 120 V
VAC2 AC Input Voltage 206 230 254 VAC Switched to 220 V
VDC1 DC Output Voltage, positive supply +8.5   +12.5 VDC  
VDC2 DC Output Voltage, negative supply -12.5   -8.5 VDC  
IDC1 DC Output Current, positive supply 2.4     A  
IDC2 DC Output Current, negative supply -2.4     A  
  Size 5.25H x 19.0W x 21.0D in Depth from rack face
  Weight 15 lb Excluding modules

Mounting positions on the front, rear, and mid panel support any PRL module with dimensions of 1.3W x 2.9H and any length.

Bottom panel grid positions for PRL 35001420 mounting brackets support PRL modules with dimensions of 1.3W x 2.9H and lengths of 2.90", 3.90", 6.10", and 8.10".

PRL modules of other sizes are not supported directly, although PRL mounting brackets can be used with any PRL modules if appropriate holes are drilled in the base plate.

Please contact if you have questions about your application.

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