Surface-Mount Adapters (Gigadapters)--DISCONTINUED

This product has been discontinued. The information on this page is for reference only, and no new orders will be accepted.

See Adapter Specs:

QFP-64 device mounted on Gigadapter 
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Above device installed on Gigadapter Motherboard



  • Testing, evaluation, and prototyping
  • Build a complete A/D system without laying out a PCB
  • Build GHz Logic and Microwave Wireless Prototype Systems 
  • Off-the-Shelf Gigadapter Motherboards are reusable
  • No Custom Device Evaluation Boards Needed.
  • Application Notes


PRL "Gigadapters" are surface-mount to through-hole adapters (aka SMT adapters) that allow you to breadboard surface-mount devices for evaluation or prototyping. The Gigadapter line is suitable for everything from low-noise linear circuits to GHz digital and RF/microwave circuits. This patented, modular system is designed for very high performance, operating from DC to 3+ GHz. See the Application Notes for details and 'scope shots.

This unique system provides maximum performance while providing the convenience and flexibility needed in a prototyping environment. Key components of the system are: 

  • SMT footprint adapters--adapt SMT devices to through-hole footprints, with back-side pads for critical components. Available in SO, SSOP, LCC/PLCC, and our new QFP/TQFP configurations from 8 to 64 pins.
  • Gigadapter motherboards--provide ground-plane and power busses plus I/O and power connector footprints. A unique 3-pads-per-pin configuration allows for easy interconnections
  • Gigadapter accessories--Plug-in SIP modules for voltage regulation and I/O connectors, enclosures, power supplies, 50 Ω coax interconnects, and pin sockets ensure a matched, 50 Ω environment throughout your breadboard project.
  • Complete Development Kits--Easy-to-order kits containing everything you need to start developing.

Unlike a vendor-supplied evaluation board costing hundreds of dollars, PRL Gigadapters are modular, reusable, and affordable. You can use a single Gigadapter kit to test multiple devices just by swapping out a $7.50 footprint adapter. You can even test multiple vendors' devices in the same circuit to ensure comparability of results.

The Gigadapter design enables very high-performance designs. Back-side pads for critical components and a unique 3-pads-per-pin design allow for very, very short trace lengths to decoupling, terminations, power and ground. It is not possible to obtain this level of performance with standard socket-type adapters used for programmers or emulators.

Specialized footprint adapters for RF components ensure optimization for your application. We have run Gigadapter applications faster than 3 GHz, limited only by the performance of the devices themselves.


Gigadapter Footprints:

We have popular SO, SSOP, LCC/PLCC, and QFP/TQFP footprints available now, with more to come:

The "RF" series provides VCC and multiple sites for connections to ground, and is optimized for RF applications. All other adapters provide sites for connections to VCC, VEE, and VTT and are suitable for general purpose logic or linear applications up to 3 GHz. 

The QFP series will accommodate most quad-flat-pack configurations, including HLQFP, HQFP, HTQFP, HVQFP, LQFP, MQFP, TQFP, or VQFP.

A variety of pin-counts and pin-pitches are supported for popular products such as the Texas Instruments ADS5421 and ADS5422 (64-pins), the TI ADS808 (48-pins), the Analog Devices AD6645 (52-pin), and AD9240 (44-pin), among others. 

Gigadapter Motherboards:

  • Gigadapter Motherboards- reusable for use with multiple Gigadapters. Two sizes and three configurations to suit your applications.

Gigadapter Accessories:

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