Breadboard/Prototyping Kits QFPDK2

This product has been discontinued. The information on this page is for reference only, and no new orders will be accepted.

Complete surface-mount development kits (shown above with optional accessories).

QFPDK2: QFP Deluxe Development Kit

Qty Item Description
1 GD-980-8 Prototyping motherboard
2 GD-QFP-xx SMT Adapters for large QFP devices (specify below)
8 GD-SO8 SMT Adapter for SO8 device 
8 GD-SO16 SMT Adapter for SO16 device 
2 GD-SO20 SMT Adapter for SO20 device 
1 GD-SSO24 SMT Adapter for SSO24 device 
1 GD-SSO28 SMT Adapter for SSO28 device 
1 GD-SSO30 SMT Adapter for SSO30 device 
1 GD-PLCC20 SMT Adapter for PLCC20 device 
1 GD-PLCC28 SMT Adapter for PLCC28 device 
1 GD-QFP-32-0.5 SMT Adapter for QFP-32-0.5 device 
1 131006-A Right-angle BNC connector,(2) 4 pcs.
1 56002867 or 56002797 Voltage regulator SIP module ( specify below)
4 131002-A Pin sockets, low-profile, 100 pcs/pkg
2 131004-A Stick pins, (36 position, double-row), 2 pcs.
1 31002086 Modular jack, 4P4C
1 88000103 Voltage cable with modular plugs/leads
1 131005-A Assorted discrete components for decoupling, terminations and shunts(3)
1 980-8-EX Extruded aluminum enclosure (one U-shaped section)
1 56002680 25-pin D connector/adapter assembly
1 RDDK180 40-pin header connector
1 PRL-760B AC adapter, ±8.5 V, +17 V/1.4 A
4 88000105-6 50 Ω coax interconnect modules, 6"

Choose your QFP pin-count and voltage regulator module to specify your kit number:

  • For each QFP adapter, specify -44 for the QFP-44, -48 for the QFP-48, etc. See QFP footprints for pin pitches.
  • For your Voltage Regulator SIP module, specify:
    • "-B" for the adjustable bipolar ±5 V module. This module provides one negative voltage (-3.3 to -5.5 V) and one positive voltage (+3.3 to +5.5 V).
    • "-DP" for the dual-positive voltage module. This module provides two adjustable positive voltages, each +3.3 to +5.5 V. 

For example, specify kit number QFPDK2-52-64-DP to order a development kit for one QFP-52 and one QFP-64 device, with a dual-positive voltage regulator module.

Choose additional items to complete your kit.

(1) Due to the discounting on these kits, no substitutions may be made within the kit contents, with the exception of the BNC/SMA connectors, PLCC/QFP pin selection and voltage regulator module selection. Additional items can be ordered separately. Kit contents do not count towards volume discounts on items ordered separately.
(2) The SO/SSO and QFP development kit motherboards have a special I/O connector footprints that accept either BNC or SMA connectors. Kits are supplied with BNC's, and SMA connectors can be ordered separately.
(3) Includes fifty zero Ω jumpers, twenty-five 49.9 Ω resistors, and 100 0.1 µf capacitors, all 0805 size.
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