Build Your Own

Build Your Own Custom Circuit in 30 Minutes?


  • Custom circuits
  • Device evaluation
  • Prototyping
  • Pre-layout design verification
  • Experiments
  • Small, custom instruments

Build Your Own:

When your problem can't be solved by an existing product, or when you're prototyping, evaluating, or experimenting, it's time to build your own custom circuit. Pulse Research Lab provides a variety of high-performance building blocks for rapid development of your project.

We provide everything you need, from start to finish--breadboards, I/O connectors, enclosures, voltage regulators, power supplies, even micro-coax interconnect modules. Buy complete kits or individual components as your projects require.

Most of our BYO products ship from stock, so you can call us today and start building tomorrow.

Product Categories:

  • Prototyping kits--DISCONTINUED--these complete kits allow you to start plugging in your devices and components right away. A variety of sizes and styles for projects from simple to complex. Build a signal splitter or a small instrument. 
  • Gigadapters--DISCONTINUED--Our Gigadapters are surface-mount-to-through-hole adapters for easy prototyping of GHz SMT devices like high-speed ECL logic and RF amplifiers. Designed to work with our Gigadapter motherboards and prototyping kits.
  • Coax interconnects--DISCONTINUED--these 50 Ω micro-coax cables plug into the mating stick-pins, providing for easy connect/disconnect and a more reliable connection than hand-stripped, hand-soldered coax, especially in tight spaces.
  • Voltage Regulator modules--DISCONTINUED--these SIP modules provide instant power for TTL/CMOS, ECL and PECL devices. With 10-mil pin spacing, common pin assignments, and up to 4 voltages (VCC, VEE, VTTN and VTTP),  these are designed to work with the power busses on our Gigadapter motherboards, but will work with any standard breadboard.
  • Coupling Capacitors--these modules interconnect circuit ports having different DC voltages, e.g. periodic signals from different logic families
  • GHz Signal Extractor--this 10:1 attenuated signal tap allows in-line probing with GHz bandwidth
  • AC Adapters--these high-quality adapters provide the positive and negative voltages required for today's mixed-logic environment
  • Voltage distribution modules--power multiple modules and projects from a singe AC adapter or your laboratory/bench-top power supply.
  • Enclosures, extrusions, endplates and mounting brackets--to protect and shield your project while providing a professional look.
  • Cables--basic signal and power cables.

Please browse through the online catalog and let us know how we can help.

Product Philosophy:

All of our products have been meticulously crafted to bring out the best in today's high-speed engineers and technicians. Features like a ground-planes and micro-strip transmission lines on our PCBs allow you to ensure a controlled, 50 Ω impedance environment from one end of your project to the other. On a breadboard.

We use our own prototyping products to develop all of our Mini Modular Instruments, from our coupling capacitors to our PRL-812 RF Power Divider with 4.6 GHz bandwidth to our PRL-470A Variable Output Pulse Driver.