Mounting PRL Modules

There are several ways to rack-mount PRL modules, depending on your budget, schedule, and requirements for flexibility and/or level of finish:

    • DIY2, using the endplate screws and/or the I/O connector nuts to mount the units on to your end panel.
        • Either duplicate the hole pattern of our endplates, or
        • Duplicate our generic cutout.
          • This 1U panel has 4 of our generic cutouts. See the product page for photos and diagrams.
          • The power supply would need to be mounted separately (see above)
        • Semi-DIY2, using our 3U rack-mount kit to mount the units, along with an included internal power supply.
            • This is the fastest method, as we typically keep the 3U kit in stock, and final assembly usually takes just a few minutes.
          • Semi-custom system, where we build the units into a 1U rack-mount box, with your logo, part number, signal naming, etc:
              • Similar to one of the following, but customized for your application:
              • This is typically cost-effective only if you need 5 or more assemblies, and/or if you need the assemblies to be presentable when shipped to a customer.

              Mounting Brackets

              PRL products with a 1.3" x 2.9" or a 1.3" x 1.0" cross-section can be mounted with a pair of 35001420 mounting brackets. These products will have model numbers with 3 numeric digits, e.g. PRL-414B, PRL-350TTL, PRL-812, etc.:

              1. 35001420 mounting brackets must be used in pairs, but each pair can mount one or two modules of the same length.
              2. See the Mounting Brackets page for more detail.

              PRL products with a 3.0" x 6.8" cross-section can mounted with the PRL-985 series brackets. These products will have model numbers with 4 numeric digits, e.g. PRL-4110-BNC, PRL-4108UR-TR, etc.:

              1. Part number 35001835-1 mounts one corner of a module to your flat surface.
              2. Part number 35001835-2 mounts corners of two adjacent modules to each other and to your flat surface.
              3. Part number 35001835-3 mounts corners of two adjacent modules to each other.
              4. See the Mounting Brackets page for more detail

              Endplate Mounting


              Most PRL products can be mounted on to your end panel by duplicating either the hole pattern of our endplate or by duplicating our generic mounting hole.

              Endplate drawings are available from our 3D Modeling Information page, which also includes a table of endplate numbers by model number. 

              The generic mounting hole is shown below:

              1U Rack-mount Panel

              Our 38003105 1U rack-mount panel will mount any PRL-970 Series module by using its endplate screws. Simply remove the 4 endplate screws, place the module against the inside of the panel, and then re-insert the screws from the outside of the panel.

              3U Rack-mount Kit


              Our 3U rackmount kit is the quickest and easiest way to get our modules into your rack, with no engineering required:

              1. Modules can be mounted onto the front panel, the rear panel, or the optional mid-panel, all of which share the same generic cutout as our 1U panel, above.
              2. The floor of the kit also contains hole patterns for our 35001420 mounting brackets for several different module lengths and orientations. 
              3. A 10-output internal power supply is included.
              4. Just screw in your modules, connect the cables, and deploy!

              A 1U Rack-mount kit with internal power supply is coming soon!

              Semi-Custom Systems

              If you need multiple copies of a system of PRL modules, and/or if you need to deliver them to a customer, we can engineer and deliver a