Panel, 1U, 4 x PRL-970-series cutouts


$ 366.85

The 38003105-1 panel allows mounting of up to four PRL-970-series modules into a 1U rack space. PRL-970-series modules have a nominal height of 1.3" and a nominal width of 2.9". Examples include PRL-414B, PRL-425T, etc.

4-digit modules such as the PRL-4110 and PRL-4108UR, have a front panel height x width of 3.0" x 6.8", and are not supported by the 38003105-1.

To mount a module to the panel, remove the 4 screws securing the endplate to the module, then insert the screws through the matching holes in one of the 4 positions in the panel:

On some modules with threaded BNC or Triax connectors, the nut may need to be rotated a few degrees so that the flat edge of the nut is parallel with the opening.

If you need to mount a module such that the DC power input faces the outside of the rack, a PRL-730 Voltage Distribution Module and an 88000102-1 cable may be used to connect power from the inside of the rack, as shown below:

The rear face of the 38003105-1 panel is gold-alodine treated to establish a good ground connection with the enclosures of the mounted modules:

Typical DC resistance between the panel and the module grounds is 0.1 Ohms, although this is not a guaranteed specification.

Cutout detail, 4 places:


Material: 0.12" THK 5052-H32