Breadboard/Prototyping PCB Options

PRL-980 Series PCB Options

The PRL Breadboarding and Prototyping PCBs have special features for building high-performance circuits. There are two general PCB pad configurations available.

Isolated Pad

The "isolated pad" configuration provides an easy way to connect any pin to the ground plane via a solder bridge or jumper wire. 

All PRL breadboarding and prototyping kits use the "isolated pad" configuration, except for those that use the "3-pads-per-pin" configuration described below.

Isolated Pad Pattern


The "3-pads-per-pin" configuration provides a quick and easy way to make up to two circuit connections to each device pin with a stick-pin or wire. 

Each triple pad is also adjacent to the ground plane and power bus. 

3-pads-per-pin configurations are available only on the PRL-980 Series and the Gigadapter Series.


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