Breadboard/Prototyping Kits PRL970


This product has been discontinued. The information on this page is for reference only, and no new orders will be accepted.


  • Video, RF and low noise Amplifiers
  • A/D and D/A Converters
  • Laser diode Drivers
  • Clock Sources and Frequency Dividers
  • Serial to parallel Converters
  • Device evaluation and custom test fixtures.
  • Download the datasheet


The 970 Series Custom Circuit Kits are the second family of our breadboarding/ prototyping solution. This family of products allow quick and easy construction of high speed digital and wideband/low-noise analog circuits and subsystems. This series offers larger board sizes and is intended for building more complex circuits than the 950 Series.

Each kit includes a PCB, enclosure, and endplates. Most kits also include footprints and connectors for voltage and I/O.

PRL breadboarding/prototyping kits provide a unique "isolated pad pattern" to provide quick and easy connection between component pins and the ground plane.

Typical kit configuration:

(Please see specific kit for exact configuration)

Choose one of the following kits based on the voltage and I/O connectors you require:

I/O Conn. Voltage Conn. PRL Part #
3 BNC Triple V PRL-970-4
6 BNC Triple V PRL-970-6
None None PRL-970-8
Two 25-pin D, BNC Triple V PRL-970-10

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