Breadboard/Prototyping Kits PRL980


This product has been discontinued. The information on this page is for reference only, and no new orders will be accepted.

The 980 Series Custom Circuit Kits are an excellent breadboarding/prototyping solution intended for building more complex test fixtures and small instruments.

Each kit includes a PCB, enclosure, and endplates. Most kits also include footprints and connectors for voltage and I/O. Download the datasheet for additional details.

A 980 Series Kit
980 Series

In addition to more board area and connector sites, the 980 Series also features two PCB configurations to provide maximum flexibility in making component connections.

Common applications for this series:

  • Video, RF and low noise Amplifiers
  • Filters and Attenuators
  • A/D and D/A Converters
  • Digital Communication Circuits
  • Medical Electronics
  • Laser diode Drivers
  • Clock Sources and Frequency Dividers
  • Device evaluation and custom test fixtures
  • Prototype Product Development
  • Small Custom Instruments

Typical kit configuration:

(Please see specific kit for exact configuration)

Choose one of the following kits based on the voltage and I/O connectors you require. In the 980 Series, there are two selection guides, one for PCB's with an isolated pad design, and one for PCB's with a 3-pads per-pin-pattern:
I/O Conn. Voltage Conn. PRL Part #
8 BNC 25 pin D, triple V PRL-980-2-8.0
8 BNC 9 pin D, triple V PRL-980-3-8.0
Isolated Pad Pattern
I/O Conn. Voltage Conn. PRL Part #
None None PRL-980-8-4.0
8 BNC 25 pin D, triple V PRL-980-10-8.0
8 BNC 9 pin D, triple V PRL-980-11-8.0

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