PRL-760D, ±9.0 V/1.8 A, Auto-Switching AC adapter w/AC power cord, 4 modular jacks and 4 cables


$ 155.25

The PRL-760D-120/220 is a four-output, auto-switching power supply for powering Pulse Research Lab modules. The four sets of DC outputs are designed for powering all modules from Pulse Research Lab except for the PRL-470 Series and the PRL-177A series, which require the PRL-760C-120 or PRL-760C-220. The PRL-760D-120/220 replaces both the PRL-760C-120 and PRL 760C-220 in all applications except for the two series mentioned above.

Each output jack from the PRL-760D-120/220 supplies 2 voltages, nominally +9.0 VDC and -9.0 VDC, and a common return via a 4-position, 4 conductor (4P4C) modular jack. Not all PRL products use both supply voltages; many use only the +9.0 V voltage, and some use only the -9.0 V voltage. Please check each module’s specifications to see the voltage and currents required.

The PRL-760D-120/220 is housed in a 3.90 x 2.73 x 5.44-in. molded plastic enclosure with a detachable AC input cable (US, two-prong polarized, NEMA 1-15P) and an internal 250 VAC/1A slow-blow fuse.

The power supply may be ordered under marketing part number PRL-760D-120/220, which includes the following:

  • 26002064, power supply “brick” with marking “PRL-760D”, one AC input socket and 4 DC output jacks, no cables. This item is not sold separately.
  • 33000101, AC power cord, NEMA1-15 (U.S. polarized plug) to C7 Polarized, 6’
  • 4 DC output cables, 88000102-4, with 4P4C modular plugs, 4’
For use outside the U.S., customers can use either a plug adapter or a C7 Polarized AC cable with the required AC plug. DC power from the PRL-760D may be further distributed using the PRL-730 Voltage Distribution Module, with 8 bussed 4P4C jacks.