Cracking Eggs with Hammers?

Still Cracking Eggs with $40,000 Hammers?

Save thousands of dollars with Mini Modular Instruments.

Every engineer has had to use expensive instrumentation to perform simple functions. Have you ever:

While these approaches work, they waste time and money, and they tie up your expensive equipment. Mini Modular Instruments from Pulse Research Lab provide just the functionality you need, at prices you can afford:

Mini Modular Instruments:

  • Instrument-level performance, priced from $350 - $1,500
    • Up to 12 GHz input rate
    • Jitter as low as 1 ps (1 sigma RJ)
    • Line driver outputs drive up to 200' of RG58C/U
  • Immediate productivity with no engineering required
    • Most models ship from stock
    • AC adapters and I/O connectors included
    • Back-terminations, pull-ups, and pull-downs included for compatibility with your signal configurations
  • Many functions available
    • Focused functionality means you buy only what you need
    • Cascade and connect different functions to build a custom test station in minutes
    • New models and features announced frequently
    • See below for some application examples:

Data Stream Duplication:

Have you ever used a $40,000 pattern generator just to make two copies of the same data stream?

PRL fanout buffers copy a single digital clock or data input to 2, 4, or 10 buffered, line-driver outputs. Multiple units can be cascaded for greater fanout, and selected models run up to 4 GHz. All common logic families are supported. 

Popular models include:

A complete list of models is available on Fanout Buffers page. Or, contact for application assistance.

Logic Translation:

Have you ever used a $20,000 pulse generator just to translate ECL data into LVPECL or LVDS?

PRL logic level translators will translate Clock and Data signals to and from TTL/CMOS, ECL, PECL, LVPECL, LVDS, RS-422, 124 Ohm ECL, CML, NIM, etc., at up to 2 GHz. All outputs are line drivers that can drive long coaxial cables. 


Popular models include:

  • PRL-350TTL/ECL/LP, 2 Channel Sinewave to TTL, ECL, or LVPECL Translator series
  • PRL-425N/T/RS, 2 Channel LVDS to NECL, TTL, or RS-422 Translator series
  • PRL-426N/P/T, 2 Channel NECL, TTL, RS-422, PECL, or LVPECL to LVDS Translator series
  • PRL-450ND, 2 Channel NECL to TTL Translator
  • PRL-420ND , 2 Channel TTL to NECL Translator

A complete list of models is available on Logic Level Translators page. Or, contact for application assistance.

Frequency Dividers:

Have you ever used a $15,000 pattern generator channel just to divide a clock frequency by 2?

PRL Frequency Dividers will divide clock signals from DC to 12 GHz by ratios from f/2 to f/4096, including non-binary ratios. Multiple units can be cascaded for division ratios into the billions. Signal inputs are compatible with square waves, sinewaves, and small signals (10 mV). Outputs are compatible with common logic families (TTL, NECL, PECL, etc) or AC-coupled inputs. 

Popular models include:

  • PRL-260BNT, 2-Phase, Programmable NECL/TTL Frequency Divider (f/2 - f/4096)
  • PRL-220A, 4-Phase TTL Frequency Divider, (f/2, f/4, f/8, f/16)
  • PRL-230, 4-Phase TTL Frequency Divider, (f/10, f/100, f/1000, f/10K)
  • PRL-257-8, 12 GHz Programmable 2-Φ divider, f/8-f/128 

A complete list of models is available on Frequency Dividers page. Or, contact for application assistance.

Line Drivers:

Have you ever used a $6,000 pulse generator just to drive a 50 Ω load?

PRL Line Drivers will receive weak signals and drive long cables into unterminated or 50 Ω loads. Use differential line drivers for longer distances and/or noisy environments. TTL models toggle up to 135 MHz or drive up to 100' of RG58C/U. ECL models toggle up to 3.5 GHz or drive up to 200' of differential coax. 


Popular models include:

  • PRL-414B, 1:4 TTL/CMOS Fanout Buffer and Line Driver, 135 MHz
  • PRL-444, 4 Channel TTL/CMOS Line Driver with High Input Impedance
  • PRL-470B, Variable Output Pulse Driver (0-5 Vpp into 50 Ω)

A complete list of models is available on Line Drivers page. Or, contact for application assistance.

Clock Sources:

Have you ever used a $50,000 frequency synthesizer just to make a simple clock signal?

PRL Clock Sources can create fixed or variable clock signals with high precision and stability (< 100 ppm/30 minutes, typ) at up to 4 GHz. All models have line driver outputs and most have more than one phase of output. 


Popular models include:

  • PRL-175A, Battery Powered TTL Logic Level Generator and 10 MHz Clock Source
  • PRL-177A, TTL Square Wave Clock Generator with 2-Phase Complementary Outputs, up to 200 MHz
  • PRL-170N, NECL Crystal Clock Source series, 50/200/400/500/622.08 MHz 
  • PRL-171/2/3, TTL Crystal Clock Source series, 2/5/10/20/50/100 MHz

Please contact for application assistance.