Battery Operated TTL Logic Level Generator and 10 MHz CLK Source


$ 434.70


  • Pocket-sized Signal Source Outputs
  • Valid TTL Hi/Lo or Squarewave Signal
  • Low Jitter TTL Xtal Clock Source
  • Amplifier Response Testing
  • Triggering or toggling TTL device
  • TDR Testing, with PRL-812TDR Splitter
  • Ideal Field Trouble Shooting Tool
  • General Purpose Basic Lab Tool


  • 0 V/5 V DC or 10 MHz TTL Square Wave into Hi Z or 2.5 V into 50 Ω.
  • 25 ppm Xtal stability
  • 50 Ω Output drives long lines with or without 50 Ω load termination
  • tR/tF < 2 ns typical into 50 Ω
  • Frequency jitter < 20 ps
  • BNC Output Connector
  • 9V Battery pack with On/Off switch included
  • 10 Hr. typical battery life with continuous operation at 10 MHz/50 Ω load (longer at reduced duty cycle)
  • Double the operating time with an optional 4-AA battery pack
  • Optional 9 V AC Adapter available
  • Other Xtal frequencies available on special order
  • General Purpose Basic Lab Tool
  • 1.0H x 1.3W x 2.2L-in. pocket-size module mounted on a 0.83H x 1.32W x 2.7L-in. battery pack (shown in photo)


The PRL‑175A‑10 is a battery operated, pocket-sized lab tool and troubleshooting aid. It outputs a 0 V/5V DC or 10 MHz Xtal controlled square wave signal into a Hi Z load, or 2.5V into 50 Ω. These are the essential signals for troubleshooting TTL circuits, equipment, and systems. The PRL‑175A‑10 has a 50 Ω back-terminated output driver that can drive a 100 ft long line with or without load termination. It is an indispensible tool for engineers and technicians working in the field, in the lab or on the production floor.

The included 9 V battery pack can power the PRL‑175A‑10 in square wave mode into a 50 Ω load continuously for up to 10 hours, or for 25 hours into a 600 Ω load*. An optional 4‑AA battery pack or a +9V AC adapter is also available.

The output logic mode, VOH, VOL or 10 MHz square wave, is selected by a 3-position toggle switch, and the status is indicated by an LED. The PRL‑175A‑10 module can be attached to the battery pack using a short strip of 3M Dual-Lock Fastener (included) and powered via a short cable terminated into a 2.1 mm DC jack. The battery pack also includes an On/Off switch, as shown in the photo above. The assembled unit fits easily into a pocket.

Applications of the PRL‑175A‑10 include precision, low-jitter clock source for testing digital systems, ADCs and amplifiers, and for simple troubleshooting applications. The PRL‑175A‑10 is housed in a 1 x 1.3 x 2.2-in. extruded aluminum enclosure and includes a 0.83H x 1.3W x 2.7L-in. battery pack.

* Run times are typical, and will vary depending on usage profile and environmental conditions.


(0° C ≤ TA ≤ 35° C)*

Symbol Parameter Min Typ Max Unit Comments
IDC1 DC Input Current 10 mA RL = 1 MΩ
IDC2 DC Input Current 60 mA VO = Hi, RL = 50 Ω
IDC3 DC Input Current 37 40 mA VO = 10MHz, RL = 50Ω
VDC DC Input Voltage 5.65 6 12 V
VAC AC/DC Adapter Input Voltage 103 120 132 V
VOL1 DC Lo Level DC Out 0 0.2 V RL = 1 MΩ
VOL2 DC Lo Level DC Out 0 0.1 V RL = 50 Ω
VOH1 DC Hi Level DC Out 4.8 5.0 V RL = 1 MΩ
VOH2 DC Hi Level DC Out 2.4 2.5 V RL = 50 Ω
VOL1 10 MHz Lo Level 10MHz Out 0 0.2 V RL = 1 MΩ
VOL2 10 MHz Lo Level 10MHz Out 0 0.1 V RL = 50 Ω
VOH1 10 MHz Hi Level 10MHz Out 4.8 5.0 V RL = 1 MΩ
VOH2 10 MHz Hi Level 10MHz Out 2.4 2.5 V RL = 50 Ω
tR/tF Rise/Fall Times (10% - 90%) 1.8/1.4 2.5 ns RL = 50 Ω
f Xtal Frequency 10 MHz
Δf Frequency Stability, 20°C ≤ T≤ 35 °C ±25 ppm
Frequency Jitter peak to peak 20 ps
Single 9 V Alkaline Battery 9 V 9 V Battery Pack
Battery life under continuous operation* 10 hr VO = 10 MHz, RL = 50 Ω
Battery life under continuous operation 25 hr VO = 10 MHz, RL = 600 Ω
Size 1.0H x 1.3W x 2.7L In. Battery Pack
Weight 3 Oz Battery Pack
Size 1.0H x 1.3W x 2.2L in. PRL-175A
Weight 2 Oz PRL-175A

*Battery life depends on battery type and manufacturer and on duty cycle. Battery life can be extended up to two hours by reducing the usage duty cycle, as the battery voltage recovers during the off cycles. When battery operating time longer than 10 hours is desired, replacing the 9 V battery pack by a 4‑AA alkaline battery pack will nearly double the operating time. A 4‑AA lithium battery pack (non-rechargeable) can extend the continuous operating time up to 80 hours.