End plate, with D38999/20FC35SN Receptacle


$ 287.50

This assembly consists of a 39500002-164 endplate assembly, compatible with D38999 size C or size 13 receptacles, populated with a 20FC35SN Receptacle.

It bolts directly into any open position in the PRL-MRK-3-1 rack-mount kit or in the 38003105-1 rack-mount panel, allowing pass-through of signals on a 20FC35SN circular connector with 22 positions.

Crimp and insert your own cables into the interior side of the housing:

using the included M39029/56-348 socket contacts (22 pieces) and plastic tool, or insert our pre-crimped cable assemblies, sold separately:

  • 88001600-SMA-M-348-x provides a single coax connection for a single-ended signal, with an SMA-M connector on one end and two M39029/56-348 socket contacts crimped onto the center conductor and shield at the other end, ready for insertion into 2 positions of any compatible D38999 connector:
  • Cable assembly 88001620-SMA-M-348-x, provides two coax connections for a differential signal pair, with two SMA-M connectors on one end and three M39029/56-348 socket contacts crimped onto the 2 center conductors and common shield at the other end, ready for insertion into 3 positions of any compatible D38999 connector.

Mates With:

A compatible mating cable assembly can be assembled using the following components, sold separately:

C35 Contact Arrangement, Pin Contact View.