Dual Cable Assembly, 2 x RG-174 50Ω Coax with SMA plugs and M39029/58-360 Pins, Length in ft.


$ 172.50

These pre-crimped cable assemblies are ready to insert into compatible D38999 circular connectors, such as 26FC35PN

Cable assembly 88001630-SMA-M-360-6 provides two coax connections for a differential signal pair, with two SMA-M connectors on one end and three M39029/58-360 pin contacts crimped onto the 2 center conductors and common shield at the other end, ready for insertion into 3 positions of any compatible D38999 connector.

Insertion of the crimped contacts into the connector housings is simple, and a plastic insertion/removal tool is included with the connector housing. This video from Amphenol demonstrates the process:
which is the same for any standards-compliant D38999-style connector. We have found that lubricating the contacts by dipping them in alcohol makes insertion easier, and in some cases even obviates the need for the insertion tool. The alcohol is non-damaging to either the contact or the housing, and evaporates quickly. 

Cable assembly 88001610-SMA-M-360-6 provides a single coax connection for a single-ended signal, with an SMA-M connector on one end and two M39029/58-360 pin contacts crimped onto the center conductor and shield at the other end, ready for insertion into 2 positions of any compatible D38999 connector.