PRL-OPANET, Versatile Op Amp Prototyping Kit

Kit with SMAs & Power Supply Circuit installed

Kit populated as 20 dB/250 MHz Amplifier

Kit with Enclosure and End Plates Installed

Build Your Own Custom Amplifiers:

  • Inverting or Non-Inverting
  • AC- and/or DC-Coupled
  • RF or Low-Noise, Precision DC
  • Single or Dual Output
  • 50 Ω Cable Driver
  • Diode Detector
  • Hi Z input/Lo Z Output Buffer
  • Voltage Reference
  • Device Evaluation
  • Experimental Teaching Kit
  • Fanout (multiple units required)


  • Self-contained 1.0-in. H x 1.3-in. W x 2.1-in. L module includes extruded enclosure and end plates
  • Partially-assembled PCB with SMA I/O connectors, modular DC jack, input rectifiers, ±5V regulators and filtering circuits (as shown in photo)
  • User needs only to install SO8 amplifier device, gain, termination and coupling components
  • Kit also available without power supply circuit (PCB, SMA I/O connectors, and modular DC jack only)
  • >800 MHz bandwidth depending on amplifier device, gain and circuit configuration
  • Voltage cable included, plus optional ±9 V/±1.8 A mA AC/DC adapter
  • Optional Passive Component kit available for building a number of different amplifiers
  • Component footprints on PCB include:
    • One SO8 Single Op Amp
    • Three End Launch SMA Connectors
    • A pair of TO-92, 3-Terminal, Voltage Regulators and Power supply Decoupling Capacitors
    • Three SBD input rectifiers for ±9 V inputs from the AC/DC adapter, plus optional user-defined voltage from your own power supply.
    • Modular DC Input Jack
    • Components for internal I/O termination and coupling
    • Components for gain-feedback/frequency compensation network
    • Two sites, C7 and C8, for capacitor trimmers or #0805 SMTs
    • Input offset trim pot and associated components (back side) 

The PRL-OPANET is a family of versatile Op Amp Network prototyping kits, designed for use with standard SO8 single amplifier devices (not included). The standard kit (PRL-OPANET-1) is a self-contained module with a 4-layer PCB, partially-assembled with two SMA I/O connectors, a modular power input jack, a pair of ±5 V regulators with the necessary power supply decoupling capacitors, and a pair of Schottky rectifiers for reversed-polarity DC input protection. The kit also includes a 1.0-in. H x 1.3-in. W x 2.1-in. L extruded aluminum enclosure, two end plates, eight mounting screws and a voltage input cable. In most cases, the user needs only to install the SO8 amplifier device, the I/O termination resistors, the gain resistors and two 0 Ω jumpers. The entire amplifier module can typically be built in less than 20 minutes (20 dB example shown above).

Fig. 1 shows the complete schematic of the amplifier, and Figs. 2A and 2B show the component placement diagrams. Depending on the amplifier configuration selected, not all components shown in the schematic are used. For example, in the simplest case of a DC-coupled non-inverting amplifier, R2, R3, R4, R5, R10 and C8 are not needed. R15 is typically 10Ω, and R1 and R6 are 0 Ω jumpers. If AC-coupled I/Os are desired, R1 and R6 are replaced by coupling capacitors. R14, R3 and R4 may all be needed depending on the input bias circuit chosen. Rectifier D3 can be used instead of D1 for connecting the input of the +V regulator to the +17 V input pin of the power jack for higher voltage applications.

Component values optimized for a number of amplifier configurations and gain values together with the test results are shown in Tables I & II, using mainly the LMH6703 device. The LMH6703 was chosen for its superior pulse response performance compared to a number of other devices tested. More test results using other amplifier devices and gain values will be made available at a later date. If a dual output configuration is desired, a second SMA and a dual SMA end plate are offered as optional accessories.

The optional PRL-760E ±9 V/±1.8 A AC/DC adapter is recommended for easy power input connection. If more than one amplifier module is to be used at a given time, one can add additional adapter output cables or a PRL-730 eight-modular jack voltage distribution module.

For applications requiring supply voltages other than ±5 V, a kit without the power supply components is offered (PRL-OPANET-0). It has a pair of assembled I/O SMAs and a modular power jack only. Unused components can be bypassed. 

The offset trim circuit, consisting of VR1, R16-R21 and C9, can accommodate a number of different offset trim configurations, depending on the device used. For example, if the amplifier device is an OP27, then pins 1 and 8 should be connected to VR1 via R16, R20 and R21, and a 0 Ω R18 for the connection to a positive trim voltage. Similarly, it can be configured for a pin-1-to-pin-5 connection using a negative trim voltage with R19. Since the offset trim feature is not always used, those circuit components are placed on the back side of the PCB, so the user does not need to work on both sides of the PCB.

The PRL-OPANET Op Amp Prototyping kits are ideally suited for making one-of-a-kind amplifiers for lab use or for verifying new designs. It is a valuable tool for teaching engineering students how to build, test and characterize amplifiers. Once the design is done, the entire amplifier can be built in less than 20 minutes, and the end result is a professional looking product. A finished example is shown in the photo as the PRL-301NEV-20dB, amplifier evaluation module. The PRL-OPANET is a new addition to the popular MNET, PINET, TNET and SPLITNET family of prototyping kits.

Product Detail

Kit with SMAs & Power Supply Circuit installed

Kit populated as 20 dB/250 MHz Amplifier

Kit with Enclosure and End Plates Installed

Bill of Materials for PRL-PCK1:

The PRL-PCK1 is a kit of passive components, primarily intended for populating the PRL-OPANET series of Op Amp Prototyping kits.

The Item IDs are for reference only, and individual items are not sold separately. No substitutions permitted.

Description Item ID Marking Qty
0 Ω, #0805 13210000 000 50
10 Ω, #1206 13211001 10R0 50
15 Ω, #1206 13211501 15R0 50
39.2 Ω, #1206 13213921 39R2 50
49.9 Ω, #1206 13214991 49R9 50
68.1 Ω, #1206 13216811 68R1 50
95.3 Ω, #1206 13219531 95R3 50
100 Ω, #1206 13211002 1000 50
107 Ω, #1206 13211072 1070 50
182 Ω, #1206 13211822 1820 50
392 Ω, #1206 13213922 3920 50
562 Ω, #1206 13215622 5620 50
619 Ω, #1206 13216192 6190 50
750 Ω, #1206 13217502 7500 50
953 Ω, #1206 13219532 9530 50
SBD Rectifier 05000014 CS40M50 10
0.1 µf, 50V SMT 08174104-50 None 50
2.2 µf, 20V SMT 08024225-20 225D 50
1 µf, 35V SMT 08024105-35 105-35 10
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