2:1 Mux, NECL


$ 1,236.25


  • GHz Multiplexing
  • Data Acquisition
  • An Essential Lab Tool for Working with ECL Circuits


  • NECL or PECL versions
  • Complementary Outputs drive 50 Ω loads terminated to VTT or AC-coupled 50 Ω loads
  • DC Coupled I/O’s Compatible with ECLinPS or 100KH Devices
  • SMA I/O Connectors
  • Ready-to-Use 1.3 x 2.9 x 2.2-in. Module includes AC/DC Adapter


The PRL-437 is a high-speed ECL multiplexer intended for applications in the GHz frequency range. It can be used for signal gating in data acquisition, test, and measurement. There are two single-ended signal inputs, a control input, and a differential output. An extra SMA connector on the unit may be used to terminate an unused ECL output.

The PRL-437N model has NECL inputs and outputs, and the PRL-437P has PECL inputs and outputs.

Complementary outputs of the PRL-437, with internal pull down resistors, can drive either 50 Ω loads terminated into VTT, or AC-coupled 50 Ω loads.

The PRL-437 is housed in a 1.3 x 2.9 x 2.2-in. extruded aluminum enclosure and is supplied with a -12V/500mA AC/DC adapter.

PDF Datasheet coming soon.