Adapter module, 2 Triax to 4 SMA Female


$ 639.40

The PRL-Triax-SMA is a dual channel Triax to Differential SMA adapter. It can be used for converting signals from Triax or Twinax I/O connectors to single-ended SMA I/O connectors, or vice versa.

For example, a differential signal from a Triax/Twinax connector can be connected to an oscilloscope for viewing via either the single-ended SMA output adapter. Going the other direction, one may convert a pair of attenuated complementary TTL signal for driving an LVDS or RS-422 device through the Triax output.

Triax/Twinax cables with either 78 Ω or 124 Ω characteristic impedance are available from Pulse Research Lab. Using either 78 Ω or 124 Ω cables on the Triax end and 50 Ω cables on the SMA end, clock speeds in excess of 500 MHz have been obtained using the Pulse Research Lab PRL-432N and PRL-433N converters