Low-Pass Filter, 7 Pole Chebyshev, 12 MHz


$ 402.50


  • Multi-Pole Filter


  • Multi-Pole Filter Footprint on Both Sides of PCB
  • Ground Plane and 50 Ω Transmission Line
  • SMA Male/Female Connectors
  • Metal Enclosure Included for Shielding
  • 0.44" W x 0.37" H outside dimension, 2.06" L 


The PRL-LPF7 is a 7-pole Chebyshev Low-Pass Filter, built from our popular PRL-MNET-SMF Signal Conditioning Kit, populated with standard value surface-mount components.

The 12 MHz variant was designed and built as an application-specific model for a customer. It is now available as a stock item, but no performance metrics are published. Performance as described below is representative, but not guaranteed.