PRL-765, NRTL-compliant Power Supply


$ 254.00

The PRL-760D-120/220, PRL-760C-120, and PRL-760C-220 power supplies normally bundled with PRL products have not been tested by an Nationally-Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) for compliance with UL/CE/etc.

The PRL-765-x is offered for applications where NRTL compliance is required. The PRL-765 series replaces the discontinued 26002063 power supply in all applications.

The PRL-765-x assembly is shipped with the following components, listed for information only and not necessarily sold separately:

  • 26002065*, NRTL-listed switching power supply, 120 - 240 VAC auto switching input (IEC-C14 inlet), +12 V/3 A, -12 V/1 A output, with DIN 5 output cable.
  • DC adapter cable, from DIN-5 to 4P4C modular plug(s), for connection of the 26002065 to PRL powered modules or to PRL-730 Voltage Distribution modules.
    • PRL-765-1 has one output plug
    • PRL-765-2 has two output plugs
    • The adapter cables are attached to the 26002065 via shrink tubing and should not be disconnected under normal operation.
  • 33000001US/North American Plug, AC power cord, IEC-C13 to US/North American Plug (included, but not shown in the above photo).
  • If your application requires a different AC cord, please order one of the following, and recycle the bundled 33000001 cord:
    • 33000008, for UK
    • 33000009, for P.R. China
    • 33000010, for Continental Europe
    • Or you may supply your own AC cord with a IEC-C13 plug

Please note that this power supply solution does not support the PRL-470D or the PRL-177A-xxx, due to lack of the +17 V rail. See our PRL Power Solutions Guide for more details on powering our modules.

* PRL may source the NRTL-listed switching power supply from different vendors in the future, as long as the specs remain the same or better. Therefore the BOM of the PRL-765-x may change. Specify the top level part number of PRL-765-x in your application to make any future changes transparent to your application.