SMA Finger Wrench, Rev. 1


$ 27.60

These handy little finger wrenches are essential for tightening and loosening SMA cables, especially in tight spaces. These wrenches are invaluable for working in dense SMA fields, or in high-density equipment racks. Buy a bunch for the lab and some for Production, but don't loan them to your co-workers without a security deposit! They have a bad habit of not coming back. 

Our new design* features a hexagonal outer cross-section, compatible with a standard 7/16" wrench for applying torque or loosening cables. 

Suitable for RG-58C/U or smaller-diameter cabling. Not compatible with some types of rigid microwave cabling due to thickness of strain relief. Please contact the factory directly for higher-volume pricing and/or for custom colors and laser engraving**.

** OEM wrenches are available under part numbers 72500001-0, 72500001-1, 72500001-2, 72500001-3, etc.