SCK Applications

Sample Applications and Calculators


Diagrams show only the component positions used in the specified circuit. Unpopulated series positions may require 0 Ω jumpers. Diagrams showing all possible component positions are available here. Component values calculators are available here.

Application Schematic Kit Type
Pi Tee Multi
DC Block/Coupling Cap Y Y Y
AC Block/RF Choke Y Y Y
Series Termination Y Y Y
Shunt Termination Y Y Y
Precision Shunt Termination Y Y Y
Feed-through Decoupling Cap Y Y Y
Diode Detector Y Y Y
Attenuator Y Y Y
Low-pass Filter N Y Y
High-pass Filter N Y Y

Online Filter and Attenuator Calculators:

These calculators will provide schematics and ideal component values for a variety of filter types (e.g. Butterworth, Chebyshev/Tchebysheff, Bessel) and attenuator configurations. Some will also provide response curves.

To implement the desired design with standard components, it may be necessary to use multiple component values in series or parallel configurations to approximate the calculated values. For example, the design for a 6 dB 50 Ω attenuator calls for a 37.4 Ω resistor, a value that is not commonly available. The attenuator can instead be built with two 75 Ω resistors in parallel, producing a very good 6 dB attenuator from standard components:

"Ideal" 6 dB Attenuator Design Actual 6 dB Attenuator Implementation

A more complete Attenuator Application Note describes these techniques in more detail, including examples of many commonly-required attenuation ratios, measured performance, and oscilloscope captures.

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