GPS System Integration

1 PPS Distribution and Translation for GPS with IRIG-B and 10 MHz Distribution Solutions:

GPS and related navigation/positioning technologies require precision distribution of 1 PPS and time code with low skew. PRL fanout buffers can distribute your timing signals from a single source to 2, 4, 10 or more destination stations. Selected modules include logic translation, so you can convert to/from TTL, ECL, PECL, LVPECL, RS-422, or LVDS as required. PRL also offers modules for converting sinewave/RF timing to TTL, ECL, or other logic families.

Digital Buffering and Distribution:

Our most common application is 1 PPS distribution to multiple systems with high precision. All of our fanout products are edge-triggered logic buffers with fast rise times, which preserves your timing integrity throughout the system. All of our active outputs are 50 Ω line drivers, enabling you to distribute signals throughout your lab or throughout your entire station.

Better than a 1 PPS distribution amplifier, our buffered fanout modules ensure logic-compatible output signals no matter how many loads are connected or how they are terminated. Even shorting of outputs will not affect the other outputs.

Logic-level buffering also cleans up noise or ringing on the input signal and re-generates clean square waves with fast rise times and 50 Ω drive capability.

Programmable delay modules allow you to perform system-level deskewing or to simulate time-of-flight differences. Popular models include:


  • PRL-414B, 1:4 TTL Fanout Buffer, 130 MHz
  • PRL-4108U, 1:8 Translator/Fanout Buffer, Universal Differential and TTL Inputs, NECL, RS422 or TTL Outputs
  • PRL-4110, 1:10 TTL Fanout Buffer
  • PRL-4122, 1:22 TTL Fanout Buffer
  • PRL-4220, 2:20 TTL Fanout Buffer
  • PRL-434A, 1:4 NECL Fanout Buffer, 4+ GHz
  • PRL-424LV, 1:4 LVDS Fanout Buffer, 1.25 GHz

Individual models have channel-to-channel skew as low as 50 ps.

Sinewave Conversion:

Use our comparators to convert sinewave signals into logic-level signals. The PRL-350 series will trigger on signals as small at 10 mVpp and operates up to 2 GHz.


 Sinewave Distribution:

Use our active and passive RF splitters and amplifiers to distribute sinewave signals. Inverting, non-inverting, and differential outputs available:

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