1:2 RF Splitter, 0 dB, Non-inverting, SMA I/Os


$ 626.75


  • 1:2 RF Signal Fanout
  • Transmission Line Drivers
  • Single-Ended to Differential Signal Conversion 6 dB passive power divider recommended)
  • RF Receivers
  • Pulse Amplifiers
  • General Purpose Wideband Amplifiers


  • Ready to Use Non-Inverting Amplifier with Two Identical Outputs
  • Small Signal 3 dB BW to 500 MHz
  • Clean Pulse Response
  • 0 dB gain, VO =VIN (RL = 50 Ω), well suited for cascading
  • ±1.25 V, 2.5 Vp-p, Maximum Outputs, RL = 50 Ω
  • DC Coupled 50 Ω I/Os
  • ±35 mA Supply Current Maximum
  • 1.0 x 1.3 x 2.2-in. Module includes ±8.5V AC/DC adapter


The PRL-302N-0dB is a DC coupled, non-inverting, 0 dB 1:2 RF splitter amplifier. It has two identical 50 Ω back-terminated outputs and a 50 Ω-to-ground terminated input. The 0 db gain, V= VIN (RL = 50 Ω), allows multiple amplifiers to be cascaded for signal distribution applications. One pair of these amplifiers (one inverting, one non-inverting) can produce two pairs of complementary RF signals when driven by a single input using a 6 dB passive power divider.

This splitter amplifier has been optimized both for pulse response and for CW response, so that output overshoots and ringing for a fast pulse input are much smaller than those from amplifiers designed mainly for CW applications. With a 50 Ω back termination at each output, this amplifier can drive long transmission lines with or without load terminations. For optimum output response both outputs should be terminated into 50 Ω.

Each amplifier is housed in a 1.0 x 1.3 x 2.2-in. aluminum enclosure and is supplied with a ±8.5 V AC/DC adapter. Aside from the I/O and power connections, no other set up or connection is required. These amplifiers are part of the PRL family of Mini Modular Instruments (MMIs).

Fig. 1: PRL-302I-0dB Top Cover Decal

(0° C ≤ TA ≤ 35° C)*

Min Typ Max
Rin Input Resistance 49.5 50.0 50.5 Ω
Rout Output Resistance 49.5 50.0 50.5 Ω
AO Open Circuit Voltage Gain   2   x RL=1 MΩ
AL Loaded Voltage Gain   1   x RL=50 Ω
AdB Voltage Gain in dB   0   dB RL=50 Ω
IDC DC Input Current (NL)
DC Input Current (VO = ±1.25V)
VDC DC Input Voltage ±7.5 ±8.5 ±12 V
VAC AC/DC Adapter Input Voltage 103 115 127 V
tPLH Propagation Delay to output ↑   1.2   ns
tPHL Propagation Delay to output ↓   1.2   ns
tR/tF Small Signal Rise/Fall Times   650 800 ps 10%-90%, VO = ±0.2 V
BW1 Small Signal 3 dB BW 437 530   MHz
tR/tF Large Signal Rise/Fall Times   1.50 1.75 ns 10%-90%, VO = ±1.25 V
BW2 Large Signal 3 dB BW 200 233   MHz
tSKEW Skew between outputs   200 500 ps
Size 1.0 x 1.3 x 2.2 in
Weight 4 Oz w/o AC adapter
Shipping weight 4 lb with AC adapter
*Unless otherwise specified, dynamic measurements are made with all outputs terminated into 50 Ω .
VO = ±0.2 V (0.4 VP-P) for small signal response, and VO = ±1.25 V (2.5 VP-P) for large signal response.