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The PRL-480N has been discontinued, and no new orders will be accepted. The following information is for reference only. We are working on an improved programmable delay module, and we welcome your input regarding desired features, specifications, etc.


  • High Speed Clock De-skewing
  • Critical Timing Adjustment
  • Sub-nanosecond Pulse Width generation
  • An Essential Lab Tool for Working with GHz ECL Circuits


  • 1.2 GHz Maximum Clock Rate
  • 2.2 ns Maximum Delay
  • 17.5 ps minimum program resolution
  • Single-ended or Differential Inputs
  • Internal 50 Ω/-2 V Input Terminations also accept Sine wave or AC coupled PECL Signals>
  • Complementary ECL Outputs drive 50 Ω/-2 V
  • DC Coupled I/O’s
  • SMA I/O Connectors
  • >Ready-to-Use 1.3 x 2.9 x 3.9-in. Module including a ±8.5 V/750 mA AC/DC Adapter


The PRL-480N is a dual channel programmable NECL Delay module. It is intended for clock de-skewing and critical timing adjustment in high speed logic circuit testing, and it has a maximum clock frequency of 1.2 GHz. The outputs of the two channels can be connected to an AND gate, such as the PRL-435, for generating sub-nanosecond pulse width signals.

The delay of each channel can be individually programmed using a seven-position DIP-switch and a channel selector switch. The input of each channel can be driven either differentially or single ended. A switch selects either single-ended or differential inputs, as shown in Fig. 1. In the differential input mode, both inputs D and D are terminated internally into 50 Ω/-2 V, and, therefore, either one or both inputs can accept AC coupled signals as well. In the single input mode, signals should be connected to the D inputs only. Inputs D are switched internally to VBB, nominally -1.3 V, and termination resistors RT's for the D input channels are changed to 62 Ω. Complementary outputs of the PRL-480 are designed for driving 50 Ω loads terminated into -2 V. With internal pull-down resistors, these outputs can also be AC coupled for driving 50 Ω loads terminated to ground or to other voltages, such as +3 V for PECL circuits.

The PRL-480 is housed in a 1.3 x 2.9 x 3.9-in. extruded aluminum enclosure and is supplied with a ±8.5 V/750 mA AC/DC Adapter.

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