PRL-760E-120/220, ±9.0 V/1.8 A, Auto-Switching AC adapter w/AC power cord, 4 modular jacks and 4 cables


$ 217.35


  • Powering Pulse Research Lab Modules


  • 4 DC Output Jacks, 4P4C
  • 2 Output Voltages, +9.0, -9.0, nominal
  • Auto-switching 120/220 VAC input, 50/60 Hz
  • AC Fuse Current Limit

The PRL-760E-120/220 is a four-output auto-switching AC/DC power supply adapter for powering Pulse Research Lab modules. PRL modules requiring a power supply are shipped by default with a compatible supply, equivalent to the PRL-760E with one output cable, unless it is specifically excluded by appending the "-OEM" suffix, e.g. the PRL-414B includes a power supply and all required cables, whereas PRL-414B-OEM omits the power supply and cables.

The PRL-760E-120/220 is offered separately as a replacement part. 

The four sets of DC outputs from the PRL-760E-120/220 are designed for powering all modules from Pulse Research Lab except for the PRL-470 Series and the PRL-177A series, which require, and are typically bundled with, the PRL-760C-120 or PRL-760C-220. The PRL-760E-120/220 replaces part numbers PRL-760C-120, PRL-760C-220 in all applications except for the two series mentioned above.* PRL-760E replaces PRL-760D-120/220 in all applications.

Each output jack from the PRL-760E-120/220 supplies 2 voltages, nominally +9.0 VDC and -9.0 VDC, and a common return via a 4-position, 4 conductor (4P4C) modular jack. Not all PRL products use both supply voltages; many use only the +9.0 V voltage, and some use only the -9.0 V voltage. Please check each module’s specifications to see the voltage and currents required.

The PRL-760E-120/220 is housed in a 3.86 x 1.68 x 5.44-in. molded plastic enclosure with a detachable AC input cable (US, two-prong unpolarized, NEMA 1-15) and an internal 250VAC/1A slow-blow fuse (5mm x 20mm).

This power supply may be ordered under marketing part number PRL-760E-120/220, which includes the following:

  • PRL-760E, power supply “brick” with marking “PRL-760E”, one AC input socket and 4 DC output jacks, no cables
  • 33000102, 2-prong AC power cord, NEMA1-15 (U.S. unpolarized plug) to C7 unpolarized, 6’
  • 4 DC output cables, 88000102-4, with 4P4C modular plugs, 4’

For use outside the U.S., use either a plug adapter or a C7 unpolarized AC cable with the required AC plug for your country. DC power from the PRL-760D may be further distributed using the PRL-730 Voltage Distribution Module, with 8 bussed 4P4C jacks.

To mount the PRL-760E series to a flat plate, see this page.

* Supplies of the PRL-760C-120 and PRL-760C-220 are limited, and may be purchased only for support of previously-purchased PRL-470D and PRL-177A-xxx units. To purchase a PRL-760C-120 or PRL-760C-220, please email with the serial number of your PRL-470D and PRL-177A-xxx units. The PRL-760D-120/220 is no longer available for sale, as the PRL-760E replaces it in all applications.


(0° C ≤ TA ≤ 35° C)*​

VAC AC/DC Adapter Input Voltage Range 94 246 V Rated 100-240 VAC
Frequency AC/DC Adapter Input Frequency 47 60 63 Hz Rated 50 - 60 Hz
IAC1 AC Input Current @ 120VAC/60Hz/full load   0.57   A ½ load
IAC2 AC Input Current @ 220VAC/60Hz/full load   0.39   A  
VDC1 DC Output Voltage, +9.0 VDC rail 9.0 9.2 9.3 V unloaded
IDC1 Maximum DC Output Current +9.0 VDC rail     2.0
VDC2 DC Output Voltage, -9.0 VDC rail -9.3 -9.2 -9.0 V unloaded
IDC2 Maximum DC Output Current -9.0 VDC rail -2.0     A  
TPO Power On Time     4 sec  
  Overload Protection Auto recovery once fault is removed    
  DC output socket connector 4P4C   Modular Jack
  DC output cable length 4 ft  
  AC inlet C8   unpolarized
  AC supply cable, adapter side C7   unpolarized
  AC supply cable, wall side NEMA 1-151   unpolarized
  AC input cable length 6 ft  
  Input Fuse T2A, 250VAC   Littlefuse 392 or equiv.
  Size 3.86 x 1.68 x 4.50 in  
  Shipping Weight 0.8

The PRL-760E-120/220 is designed for use with PRL products only. Performance under any other application is not guaranteed

While we believe these model to be accurate, no representations are made as to accuracy or suitability for any application: