88000111-4, Adapter Cable for NRTL-compliant Power Supply, 2 Output Connectors


$ 40.00

If NRTL compliance is required in your application, order the following power supply and cables:

  • 26002063, UL-listed switching power supply, +12 V/2 A, -12 V/0.5 A with DIN 4 output cable, and either:
  • 88000110-4, DC adapter cable, for connection of the 26002063 to a powered PRL module or to a PRL-730 Voltage Distribution module, or:
  • 88000111-4, DC adapter cable, for connection of the 26002063 to two powered PRL modules
  • AC power cord:
    • 33000001, with US/North American Plug
    • 33000010, with Continental Europe
    • 33000008, with UK Plug
    • Or you may supply your own.

Power supply part number 26002063 shown with 88000111-4 adapter cable.

Please note that this power supply solution does not support the PRL-470B or the PRL-177A-xxx, due to lack of the +17 V rail. See our PRL Power Solutions Guide for more details on powering our modules.